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Structural design of linear guide

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-29

When the moving part moves along the guide member in a straight line, the guide rail on the guide member plays a role of supporting and guiding, that is, supporting the moving member and ensuring that the moving member is under the action of the external force (load and the weight of the moving member itself). Linear motion in a given direction. The requirements for the guide rail are as follows:
1, a certain degree of guidance accuracy. The guide accuracy refers to the linearity of the moving member moving along the linear guide, and the accuracy of its position relative to the related base.
2, light and smooth movement. When working, it should be light and labor-saving, and the speed should be uniform. There should be no crawling at low speeds.
3. Good wear resistance. The wear resistance of the guide rail means that the guide rail can maintain a certain accuracy after long-term use. The guide rail should be worn during use, but the amount of wear should be small, and it can be automatically compensated or easily adjusted after wear.
4, enough rigidity. The external force of the moving parts is borne by the guide rail surface, so the linear guide rails should have sufficient contact stiffness. To this end, it is common to increase the width of the rail surface to reduce the specific pressure of the rail surface; and set the auxiliary rail to withstand the external load.
5. The influence of temperature change is small. It should be ensured that the guide rail can still work normally under the condition of changing working temperature.
6, the structure and processability is good. Under the premise of ensuring other requirements of the guide rail, the guide rail should be simple in structure, easy to process, measure, assemble and adjust, and reduce costs. The guide rails of different equipments must be analyzed in detail, and corresponding design requirements are proposed. It must be pointed out that the above six requirements are mutually influential.
Main content of rail design
The design guide rail should include the following aspects: 1. Select the appropriate guide rail type according to the working conditions.
2. Select the cross-sectional shape of the guide rail to ensure the guiding accuracy.
3. Select the appropriate rail structure and dimensions to provide sufficient stiffness, good wear resistance, and light and smooth motion for a given load and operating temperature range.
4. Select the compensation and adjustment device of the guide rail. After long-term use, the adjustment precision can be maintained by adjustment.
5, choose a reasonable lubrication method and protective device, so that the guide has a good working conditions to reduce friction and wear.
6. Formulate the necessary technical conditions for ensuring the guide rails, such as selecting the appropriate materials, heat treatment, finishing, and measuring methods.
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