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How to solve the noise problem of linear guides?

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-29

Linear guides, also known as linear rails, slide rails, linear guide rails, and linear slide rails, are used in linear reciprocating motion applications, and can take a certain amount of torque. High-precision linear motion can be achieved under high load conditions. In the mainland called a linear guide, Taiwan is generally called linear guides, linear slides.
Every industry wants to maximize the performance of its product equipment, so as to create greater benefits. However, this goal is not so easy to achieve, the use of the process will not be able to avoid some episodes, a serious impact on the performance of equipment, is not conducive to creating greater value. Of course, our Taiwan brand linear guide rails will also encounter such problems. It is more concerned with the occurrence of noise. This phenomenon indicates that the performance is not well displayed.
How can we solve the linear guide rail noise? To solve this problem we must find the root cause of noise, in order to fundamentally easily solve such a situation. Our analysis of noise caused by linear guides may be: First, different equipment, different requirements of preload, preload different representatives of the gap between the guide rail and the slider is not the same, will appear with the noise; second is a lot When the guide rail is installed, due to the inaccurate drilling, the guide rail has already undergone a slight deformation when it is installed. In this way, if the operation continues for a long time, it will be easy to produce noise. In serious cases, the guide rail slider will be damaged quickly; Once again, different types of lubricants, such as the noise of linear guides, can cause noise in the linear guides. How to spread the goods to sell
Finding the source of the noise, it is relatively easy to solve the noise on this basis, just adjust the preload before using the CSK linear guide, when installing in the linear guide, strictly follow the standard, it will not have such a situation, The most important thing is to select special lubricants for linear guide rails, which can completely eliminate the noise of the linear guide rails, allow them to reach their best performance status, and create maximum benefits for enterprises.
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