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Structure and selection of linear guides

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-29

The linear guide is a patent published by the French Patent Office in 1932. After decades of development, linear guide rails have become increasingly common internationally as a support and transmission device, and are increasingly used by CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers, precision electronic machinery, and automation equipment, and are widely used in industrial production. application.
1 linear guide structure:
According to the ball in the contact between the guide rail and the slider of the linear guide pair classification, the main Gothic type (GothicType) and arc type (as shown in Figure 1). Gothic style is also called two-column type, arc type is also called four-column type. Because of the circular arc profile, its contact angle (angle between the straight line perpendicular to the axis of rotation and the line connecting the center of the ball and the groove contact point) is easily changed in the transmission, and gaps and lateral forces are generated, and the installation is easy. The Gothic dental profile can maintain its contact angle and its rigidity is relatively stable. In general, the common structure of linear guides is dominated by these two types.
Linear Guide Selection
In general, the choice of linear guides must be selected according to the conditions of use, load capacity, and life expectancy. The so-called use of conditions mainly refers to the application of what equipment, precision requirements, rigidity requirements, load mode, travel, operating speed, frequency of use, use of the environment and other factors. Select the appropriate product line based on the conditions. Each linear guide manufacturer has a proper series division of its products.
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