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How to adjust the operating speed of miniature linear guides?

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-22

With the rapid development of industry, at present, the vast majority of industrial equipment uses the linear components of the transmission element components, which occupies the dominant position in the entire machine tool manufacturing industry. In the face of the impact of the current market, how to effectively miniaturize it? Do linear guides work better to ensure the accuracy of the product?
As a fixed element of the machine and equipment, since the motion path of the slider is a linear mode instead of a linear mode, the speed is mainly based on the main shaft, which is also the main feature of the miniature linear guide. Compared with the plane guide rails, the installation and operation of the miniature linear guide rails are more convenient and their accuracy is also improved. Although accuracy may be affected by some wear and tear, it does not affect its carrying capacity.
On the other hand, from the basic appearance of the guide rail, it can be seen that the design of the panel is mainly black, and there is potential performance in the driver and interface, which facilitates the configuration and maintenance of the operator. For its internal structure, the use of DC output power, automatic monitoring and monitoring, so that the steering system can achieve a variety of diversification.
Some manufacturers in the manufacturing process of linear guides, in order to ensure the precision of its operation, will create a geometric plane in the cross-section of the bed body, in most cases, through the processing slot in the inside, can carry the sliding element Movement, but the speed of this process, mainly depends on the performance configuration of different models. In addition, when dealing with the plane of the linear guide rail, it is necessary to handle the mounting surface of the guide rail to adjust it, so as to improve the operating speed of its precision.
The above is how the micro linear guides can adjust their operating speeds. We hope to help everyone.
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