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The linear guide has the following three basic functions

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-22

The function of the linear guide motion is to support and guide the moving parts to make a reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. What are the basic features of linear guides?
Linear guides have the following three basic functional characteristics:
(1) Orientation for the movement of the carrier
(2) The movement appearance of lubricating the carrier
(3) Pass the force of the train or the cutting of the machine tool to the foundation or the bed, and reduce the depth of impact of the resulting impact on the passengers and forced machining of parts.
Most of the motion along the guideway system is linear motion and there is a small amount of arc motion. The focus here is on the linear guide system. Of course, many of the performance parameters of linear guides can be used directly with curved guides.
Why is the rail called the "system"? This is because the operation of the rail system consists of several components that work together with it. The most basic components are a moving component and a fixed component. There are various ways of moving components, and will be specifically introduced in the future. The fixing component is usually a rail type, which is a guide tube with precision of the guide rail. If the guide rail is bent and deformed, the moving component or the sliding component loses accurate guiding property.
Linear guides are high-precision transmission navigation accessories. When installing and using, they need to be very careful. Otherwise, the four sides will be uneven and the precision will be reduced. If the machine needs to be replaced with a guide rail and there is no professional guidance to install it, can the amateur staff complete the installation process? For the lack of professional technical ability, what are the significant problems when installing the linear guide? Let's explore it together. .
The guide rail is broken, or you want to improve the precision machining capability of the machine. You can do this by replacing the linear guide rail. The problem has arisen. How can you achieve the best installation result? In fact, the linear guide rail that you bought is not to be disassembled. , According to the installation requirements to operate, and then detect the level of flatness around, basically no problem, but need to remind the installation level of the level of cleanliness, there can be no dust.
After installing the linear guide, some users will find a problem. After a certain period of use, the dimensional accuracy of the guide rail begins to decrease. According to the normal situation, this is a manifestation of a failure. The guide rail product can withstand continuous wear for many years. Why suddenly? Dimensional accuracy can not be guaranteed? This, there must be a problem, according to many years of experience in the installation of the master, this should be the linear guide in the installation, the balance of problems.
When installing, the general operation method is to first put the four screws on the sleeves, no matter whether or not, at the same time tightly tightened, can not be a single screw tightening, otherwise it will cause the linear guide rail balance tilt, resulting in a variety of problems, For example, dimensional accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and there are some deviations. To prevent this situation, it must be installed in the correct way.
The rail products use high-carbon steel, which is not wearable. Its hardness is too large to knock, and linear guides are also the same. If there are problems with certain parts, you must not use hard objects to directly knock proofreading. The operation and processing should not be disposed of on their own, avoiding greater losses and waste of resources.
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