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What are the common faults in linear rail mounting applications?

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-22

With the increasing requirements for speed, accuracy and reliability of high-performance CNC machine tools, how to reduce the impact of impact loads at high speeds and reduce errors during walking, thus maintaining high precision has become an urgent problem to be solved. As a commonly used supporting part of modern CNC machine tools, the linear rolling guide has the advantages of compact structure, responsiveness, good bearing performance, easy installation, etc. It is more and more widely used in machining centers, CNC machine tools and other industries, its performance on CNC machine tools Overall performance has a very important impact.
So what are the common faults in the installation of linear guide rails? Analyze the following points:
1. The machine tool has been used for a long time, and the level of the foundation and the bed has changed, so that the local unit area load of the linear guide is too large;
Second, long-term processing of short workpieces or to withstand excessively concentrated load, so that local linear guide rails wear serious;
Third, the linear guide rail lubrication is bad;
Fourth, poor machine maintenance, linear guides into the dirt, etc.;
Fifth, the processing surface is uneven at the knife:
Sixth, the straightness of linear guideway is very poor;
Seventh, the machine tool level is poor, so that the linear guide rail is bent.
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