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Coupling structure design and dynamic characteristics experimental results

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-22

Various types of couplings are used in structural design and series design, based on the magnitude of the transmitted torque, the structure of the coupling and the strength of the hub, to determine the shaft hole range of the couplings (maximum and minimum shaft holes) ) and the length of the shaft hole, each type has only one kind of shaft hole length. In foreign countries, no matter which country produces couplings in different standards of couplings, it is the only shaft hole length of each type of coupling. Due to the misleading GB/T3852, each of the specifications of the coupling products in China has a variety of shaft hole lengths corresponding to the change of the shaft hole. When the foreign coupling standard is converted into the Chinese standard, it is also added. The length of the shaft hole seems to be the only conversion.
There are many types of couplings, and the sensitive couplings have their own principle features, but some of their basic conditions are the same.
Shaft drive usually connects the main and driven shafts by one or several couplings to form a shaft drive system to transmit rotation or motion. The coupling is mainly due to the shaft connection of the motor, reducer and working machine. Its shaft hole form, connection form and size mainly depend on the type and size of the shaft to be connected. The product design is generally cylindrical and conical shaft deep international Standard design axis, shaft depth standard is for shaft design.
In this paper, the requirements of the dynamic characteristics test of high elastic couplings and the existing torsional vibration test equipments are described in detail. The design and research of the dynamic characteristics test bench for high elastic couplings are studied. The main research contents include:
Analyze the functional requirements of the test bench, refine its functional principle, and clarify the design direction.
Design the various parts of the test rig and design the overall layout of the test rig according to the selected plan.
The excitation mechanism is scaled based on the optimization method and optimized simulation is performed to finally determine the optimal length of each member of the excitation mechanism.
The structural design calculation of the test bench is carried out to optimize the structural topology of the critical load-bearing components and check the fatigue strength.
According to the structural design results, the kinematics and dynamics of the test stand are analyzed, and the load curves of the moving parts are obtained.
According to the load condition of the components obtained by the kinetic analysis, the finite element analysis of the key components of the test bench is carried out, and the strength, stiffness and local structural improvement are checked.
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