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Guide rail lubrication and protection

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-22

1. Guide rail lubrication
The role of rail lubricants
(1) Make the guideway work as close as possible to the liquid friction to reduce frictional resistance, reduce drive power, and increase efficiency.
(2) Reduce rail wear and prevent rail erosion. The flowing lubricating oil also has a flushing effect.
(3) Avoid crawling under low speed and heavy load, and reduce vibration.
(4) Reduce frictional heat at high speed and reduce thermal deformation.
2) Selection of Machine Guide Lubricants
According to experience and data, the following factors are mainly taken into consideration when selecting the machine guide lubrication oil.
(1) Lubrication oil for both hydraulic medium and guideway oil. According to the needs of different types of machine tool guide rails, the guide rail lubricant that can be used as a hydraulic medium at the same time can not only meet the requirements of the guide rail, but also meet the requirements of the hydraulic system. For example, for a machine tool such as a coordinate boring machine, the viscosity (50°C) of the rail oil should be selected to be higher (40 to 90 mm2/s), but like various types of grinders, the rail lubricant is often supplied from the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system The requirements are high and must be met. At this time, the viscosity (50°C) of the hydraulic oil for guide rails should be selected to be lower (20-40mm2/s), that is, the required viscosity of the hydraulic system.
(2) Select viscosity according to sliding speed and average pressure.
(3) According to the actual application of domestic and foreign machine tool rail lubrication to choose. When choosing to use the guide rail lubricant, you can also refer to the actual application examples of the existing machine tool guide rail lubrication at home and abroad.
The guide rails of CNC machine tools usually adopt centralized oil supply and automatic drip lubrication. The timing of the rail surface is quantitatively supplied.
Solid lubrication is to cover the friction surface of the guide rail with a solid lubricant to form a bonded solid lubricant film to reduce friction and reduce wear. There are many types of solid lubricants, which can be classified into metals, metal compounds, inorganic substances and organic substances according to basic raw materials. Add solid lubricant powder to the grease to enhance or improve the load bearing capacity, aging performance and high and low temperature performance of the grease.
2. Rail protection
The protection of the rails can prevent or reduce the wear of the rails and extend the life of the rails. The protective device is produced by a special manufacturer and can be purchased.
There are many ways to protect the rails. Common shields are shown in the figure. CNC machine tools. Especially when cutting in the center, there are many scrap irons and coolants that can easily enter the guide rails to increase the wear of the guide rails. When the iron scraps are large, the worktable can be lifted to affect the accuracy of the guide rails. Therefore, a steel telescopic protective cover is usually used.
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