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How is the rail installed?

The information comes from:互联网 posted on:2021-06-22

(1) Mounting rail base
1 Install the fixed rail channel base base on the floor of the pit. Its center should coincide with the centerline of the car guide rail.
2 After the leveling of the base seat of the channel steel, one M16 expansion bolt is used at both ends of the channel steel to connect and fix the channel steel with the ground of the pit, and the bottom pit, if any, may also be welded with the reinforcing steel. The error of the level of the base seat of the channel is not more than 1/1000.
After the position of the base of the 3 channel steel is determined, concrete shall be used to fill and level the surrounding base. The angle brackets used to fix the guide rails at both ends of the base of the channel steel are first aligned with the center line of the guide rails of the car and then fixed.
4 If there is no grooved steel base under the guide rail, a steel plate with a thickness of ≥12mm and an area of 200mm×200mm can be laid under the guide rail and welded with the guide rail by spot welding.
5 The floor of the pit shall not be higher than the upper plane of the base of the channel steel.
6 Oil-lubricated guide rails are required to be sawed off a section of the working face with a lower end of 40 mm from the ground in front of the vertical foundation rail to leave the position of the oil tank. Or there is an oil drain groove under the rail, and the oil flows directly into the oil tank placed on one side.
(2) Rail mounting
1 Hang a pulley at the center hole of the top floor slab and fix it firmly to lift the rail.
If the 2nd floor is higher than 12th floor and above, the hoisting hoisting track can be considered. Below 12th floor, the nylon rope (or wire rope) can be used for human hoisting. The nylon rope (or wire rope) should be larger than 25mm in diameter. When lifting the rail, double hooks should be used to hook the rail. Connection board.
3 The convex head of the guide rail should be facing upwards. The dust on the hoe should be removed to ensure that the gap at the joint meets the specifications.
4 Install the rail at the same time to install the pressure plate and fill the 1~2mm gasket between the guide rail and the bracket. The distance between the top of the top rail and the floor is not more than 100mm. The extra guide rails should be sawn off with a grinding wheel. Gas welding is strictly prohibited.
(3) Adjusting the guide rail
1 Remove the rail bracket mounting line, place the center line of the car guide rail on the sample plate and fix it.
2 The distance between the end face of the apricot rail and the centerline of the car guide rail is measured with a steel blind ruler, and the gap between the guide rail and the guide rail is adjusted by adding or subtracting the spacer so that the end face of each measurement point and the center line of the car guide rail are Distance is the same.
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