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Dongguan Jinan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the research and development, production and sales of semi-automatic mechanical parts. The main products are: linear bearings, linear guides, rolling linear guide pairs, plum blossom couplings. Starting from raw materials-steel-forging-processing-finished products are an integrated production model.

Product description
Couplings are also known as couplings. It is used to firmly connect the driving shaft and the driven shaft in different mechanisms and transmit the mechanical components of movement and torque. It is also sometimes used to connect shafts with other parts (eg gears, pulleys, etc.). It is usually composed of two halves, which are connected by keys or tight fits, and fastened to the ends of the two axes. Then the halves are connected in a certain way. Couplings can also compensate for offsets (including axial, radial, angular, or composite) between two axes that are due to inaccurate manufacturing installation, deformation during operation, or thermal expansion. ; and to mitigate shock and vibration.
Most commonly used couplings have been standardized or standardized. In general, only the type of coupling should be correctly selected and the type and size of the coupling should be determined. If necessary, the load of the vulnerable weak link can be checked; when the speed is high, the centrifugal force of the outer edge and the deformation of the elastic element are checked, and the balance check is performed.
Performance requirements
According to different working conditions, the coupling must have the following properties:
(1) Removability. The movability of the coupling refers to the ability to compensate for the relative displacement of the two rotary members. Factors such as manufacturing and installation errors between connected components, temperature changes during operation, and loaded deformation all place demands on the removability. Movable performance compensates or relieves additional loads between shafts, bearings, couplings and other components due to relative displacements between the rotating components.
(2) cushioning. For frequent load starting or working load changes, the coupling needs to have a damping and damping elastic element to protect the prime mover and the working machine from being damaged or damaged.
(3) Safe, reliable, with sufficient strength and service life.
(4) Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
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